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Thanking Heroes one Home at a Time

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What a Hero can expect to save:

  • 25% of the Homes for Heroes realtor’s gross commission to be credited to the hero in escrow to be used for closing costs with lender approval.
  • Discounted lender fees on purchases or refinances with HFH preferred lender.
  • Discounted closing fee with HFH preferred closing company.

About Us

“Our mission is to provide heroes extraordinary savings to local heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community every day.”

Service deserves its rewards

  • Heroes Include: military personnel, first responders, medical personnel, and educators.
  • The Homes for Heroes program is designed to reward the individuals who make daily sacrifices as part of their profession in an effort to make our communities a better place to live.
  • The Homes for Heroes program is our way of saying “thank you” for all that you do.

Hero Savings

On a $250,000 home purchase, typical savings would look like this:

HFH Realtor Rebate at COE
HFH Lender Discount
Title Company Discount

Total Savings:

*example with 3% commission, commissions vary by transaction


What is the program about?

Homes for Heroes provides real savings and rewards for heroes who work every day to make our communities safer and better places to live.  Homes for heroes is a network of real estate professionals who are prepared to give real savings to those who serve their communities, when they buy, sell, or refinance a home. 

This Program is our way to say Thank You!

Who qualifies as a hero? 

Our core group of heroes are military, (active and retired), police officers, firefighters, educators, and healthcare workers.  If you think you might qualify tell us what you do for your community.  When you are buying, selling, or refinancing a home, let us say thank you for all you do!

How much will I save? 

The total amount you save will depend on the final purchase or sales price of your home.  Homes for heroes affiliate Realtors agree to a rebate equal to 25% of the gross commission they receive on your transaction.  Discounted lender fees on purchase and refinances with a Homes for Heroes affiliate lender.  The savings can be thousands of dollars! 

Do I have to use all of your affiliates to receive the savings? 

The rebates and savings offered through the Homes for Heroes program come directly from our Realtor and lender Affiliates.  You can take advantage of either the lending discounts, the Realtor rebates, or both! 

Are there a lot of extra applications, forms and paperwork? 

Not at all. Register at and we will take care of directing you to our affiliated real estate professionals. 

The Homes for Heroes Promise:

  • No extra forms
  • No red tape
  • No fine print
  • No hidden fees
  • No catch

How did the program get started?

Formed shortly following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, and bolstered by a shared admiration for the “heroes” employed as firefighters, emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers, a group of Minnesota business owners created this innovative network of real estate professionals called Homes for Heroes.  This network was established to offer considerable savings to heroes when they buy, sell, or refinance a home.  Since then the program has expanded to military (past & present), educators and healthcare professionals. 

What if I am already working with a Realtor or lender? 

If you are currently represented by a Realtor or working with a lender it is not our intention to solicit your business.  If you like, you can have your real estate professional contact Homes for Heroes for more information. 

Are Homes for Heroes Realtors and lenders qualified and full service? 

Yes!  Our affiliates offer full service at a discounted rate.  Our full service Realtors provide professional support in every aspect of buying or selling a home.  We are able to offer more savings than anyone else because of our strong business relationships with our Homes for Heroes affiliates.  Our lenders are committed to providing you with top notch service and a great discount.  Homes for Heroes has strict affiliate membership requirements to ensure you will be represented by the best of the best.  Our affiliates receive ongoing training and coaching to ensure they are knowledgeable I how to provide you with the best possible service.  You will have an opportunity to complete a survey after the sale and Homes for Heroes affiliates must maintain excellent survey results. 

How do I sign Up? 

Signing up is easy!  Simply head to the next page and register as a hero.  A Homes for Heroes affiliate will contact you within 24 hours. 

This just sounds too good to be true.  Why should I trust you? 

Homes for heroes was made for you.  We want you to rely on us for savings now and in the future, so we’ll treat you in a way that will make you want to turn to us again.  We want you to feel great about referring us to your friends and family.  Still not convinced?  We invite you to read about what our Heroes have to say about their experiences working with us at 

Signing up couldn’t be easier:
Step 1:  Simply complete the short questionnaire, including your contact information below, and a HFH affiliate will contact you within 24 hours.  
Step 2:  To maximize your hero savings you must be represented by a Homes for Heroes affiliated Realtor, Loan Officer, and Title Agent.  
Step 3:  Purchase or Sell a home as you would in any other real estate transaction and enjoy the Homes for Heroes benefits you deserve.  

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